The Top Posts From Our First Two Years

Second BirthdayRobin and I have thoroughly enjoyed our first two years as bloggers! Thanks so much to the many readers who have entrusted us with their questions and added their own expertise to the conversation. We now have nearly 1500 email subscribers and over 5000 visitors a month.

We thought it would be fun to look back and see which topics and articles have been most popular. Maybe you missed a few of these or are ready to go back for a second read? Here are our “top” articles in a variety of categories.

Most page views:

Multi-Channel Markets Available from Nielsen and IRI: xAOC and MULO. This article is our #1 most viewed by a landslide. A lot of you are googling these terms. And who can blame you – they are confusing!

The Second Most Important Measure In Your Database: % ACV Distribution. #2 in page views is our most basic article about distribution. An understanding of this measure lays the foundation for effective analysis so I’m glad to see it’s been widely read.

Many of our most popular “articles” are actually individual definitions in our Glossary.

Most popular among email subscribers:

Being the geek that I am, I adjusted total subscriber views by the size of our subscriber base when the article was published. So some of you newer subscribers may have missed these greatest hits: Why You Need Competitive Benchmarks in a Category Assessment and The Panel Data Chart Every CPG Analyst Should Understand.

Most interest and discussion on LinkedIn:

The Case of the Mismatched Volume: Comparing Shipments and Retail Sales and How To Be Convincing: Three Rules For Creating Persuasive Charts both generated a lot of likes, shares, and comments on LinkedIn.

Most follow-up questions:

How to Calculate Average Items Carried. We were surprised at the level of interest in this measure but it can be a confusing one.

Editor’s Choice:

Lastly, here is my personal favorite of all Robin’s articles. I use this measure a lot but Robin’s approach gave me a new perspective on why it’s so powerful.  Total Distribution Points: Master of All Distribution Measures.

Looking ahead, we recently surveyed readers to find out what articles you would like to see in the future.  Here are a few of your suggestions:

New products: How can I identify new products quickly and efficiently across many markets and products?  What are the key metrics to use when analyzing new products with syndicated store data.

ACV: What is it and why should I care?  Which of the ACV weighted measures give the best answers for different questions related to performance and distribution?

SKU changes:  How can syndicated data help me decide which items to keep when considering SKU rationalization? What metrics should be considered when considering a package size change?

We also received requests for more case studies and tips for going from facts to insights.  All these topics are now on our “to do” list for upcoming posts so be sure to keep reading.

Have you appreciated what we’ve shared over the past two years?  Return the favor by forwarding this post to a colleague and recommending that they subscribe to CPG Data Tip Sheet.  Here’s a link to our email subscription page.  Never fear, we won’t share subscribers’ email addresses with anyone.

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