What’s With All These Similar Distribution Measures?? (Max, Reach, Average Weekly, etc.)

We’ve had several questions over the last few months regarding some facts that people are starting to notice are available in their Nielsen, IRI and/or SPINS databases.   The names are very similar, but it’s not obvious how the measures are different or when you’d want to use one or the other.  (With apologies to Homer […]

How To Get More From TDP, Part 3: Sales Productivity

Hello, fellow analysts! Ready to add another tool to your kit? This is the third and final part of my series on how to use TDP to enhance your work. If you are new here, and not yet familiar with TDP, start with this basic introduction or my first two examples on TDP and velocity and […]

Enhancing Your Analysis with TDP, Part 2: Explaining Sales Trends

In a recent post, I illustrated the most common usage of Total Points of Distribution (TDP) – as a substitute for % ACV in velocity calculations. In this post, I’ll share another one of my favorite ways to leverage the TDP data metric, which is explaining sales trends. If you aren’t familiar with TDP, read […]

Using TDP to Enhance Your Analysis, Part 1: Velocity

TDP (a.k.a. Total Distribution Points) is my favorite syndicated data measure. Why? Because distribution is fundamental to any business question. Therefore, it’s a great place to start when looking for answers. And TDP is the broadest, most flexible way to examine this crucial dimension. If you are looking at individual UPCs, you don’t need TDP – […]

How To Identify Distribution Opportunities When Your Brand Is Already “Everywhere”

As mentioned in a previous post, shoppers cannot buy something if it’s not in the store!  That’s why having good distribution is so important to your business.  What can you do to increase distribution when your brand is already in at least 90% ACV distribution? Let’s look at an example.  Say there are 3 brands […]