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Enhancing Your Analysis with TDP, Part 2: Explaining Sales Trends

In a recent post, I illustrated the most common usage of Total Points of Distribution (TDP) – as a substitute for % ACV in velocity calculations. In this post, I’ll share another one of my favorite ways to leverage the TDP data metric, which is explaining sales trends. If you aren’t familiar with TDP, read […]

Using TDP to Enhance Your Analysis, Part 1: Velocity

TDP (a.k.a. Total Distribution Points) is my favorite syndicated data measure. Why? Because distribution is fundamental to any business question. Therefore, it’s a great place to start when looking for answers. And TDP is the broadest, most flexible way to examine this crucial dimension. If you are looking at individual UPCs, you don’t need TDP – […]

Are You Syndicated Data Literate? (Part 2)

Last month, I started my list of the top 10 syndicated retail sales data terms and concepts. Syndicated data from vendors Nielsen, IRI and SPINS is prevalent in the consumer goods industry. No matter your function, you’ll benefit from syndicated data literacy. Catch up with Part 1 (terms #1 – #5) if you didn’t read it […]

Test Your Knowledge: Are You Syndicated Data Literate? (Part 1)

In the CPG industry, syndicated retail sales data from vendors Nielsen, IRI and SPINS is everywhere. Users include retailers, brokers and distributors, direct sales and brand management teams, operations and supply chain forecasters, business journalists, and finance gurus! So if you’re in the CPG industry, you need to be syndicated data literate. Here’s a chance […]

Six Ways To Reduce Your (Inevitable) Data Errors

What are the three most important qualities of a great data analyst? 1. They know their data inside and out 2. They draw useful conclusions from their data. 3. They deliver accurate information Robin and I have written many articles addressing quality number one (knowing the data), which provides a solid base for a successful […]